Playing pokies is more about the fun than about actual winning and therefore it is not easy to define rules or tips. Pokies are fun and simple to play, do not require particular skills or a strategy and rely on your luck. Nevertheless, some pokies tips do exist and even though they have nothing to do with the odds, they can still give you an edge and, more importantly, increase the fun that you get out of playing a slots game.

First, it is kind of obvious that you can potentially win more if you play pokies with higher payout rates and that is one of the most basic tips. Pokies in online casinos, therefore, are a more profitable option since in real casinos the payout rate is much lower, usually 85 percent, as compared to the 96-97 percent payout rate of online casinos.


Playing pokies online

The most basic pokies tips also include remembering that winning at pokies is determined by pure luck. This means that you are not necessarily going to win if you play for a longer period of time. While it is true that each spin is a new possibility to win, it is not true that there are “cycles”, or that a “big win” is due. Even though this might sound discouraging to some, it also means that you have just as equal chance of winning on your very first spin. Also, increasing or decreasing your stakes does not influence your luck in any way.

Now, let us take a look at the pokies tips that will make you a more responsible player and will thus help you have more fun. First of all, you should always remember to set a budget before you start playing. It could be a weekly budget or a budget for a particular gaming session. Once you set it, stick to it, regardless of whether you think that the big payout is coming with the next spin because you have not won anything in a long time.

Another important tip to remember is never to chase your losses, which is easier if you have managed to stay within the budget limits you have set for yourself beforehand. Among the most important pokies tips of the responsible player is not to play with money, needed for other expenses such as bills. Playing pokies is indeed fun while you are in control, otherwise it simply will not give you the satisfaction that you expect.

When and if you do win, set an amount of your winnings aside. This way, you will not feel stupid after a big win, if you eventually end up with the same amount that you had when you started, or worse, with less money than what you had in the beginning.

And finally, here is the most important of the tips. Pokies are mostly about the fun, so the ultimate rule is to play for entertainment and not to win money. If you do win, consider it an additional bonus to the fun that you have had.

By Alex