Online poker has exploded throughout Australia in recent years. Several reputable websites have popped up online that provide an outstanding chance for profit for seasoned veterans of poker. If you prefer to host a poker game and invite your friends instead, why not surprise them with custom poker chips? It is a simple way to make the game a bit different with your own cool set of poker chips.

Many Aussies who don’t even play poker on a regular basis in a casino have been drawn in by the idea of getting rich quick in an online poker tournament. If you are new to online poker, there are a number of things to keep in mind that will help maximize your chance of success. This is not your friendly neighbourhood game with your friends at the pub. If you don’t know what you’re doing in the online environment, you could end up a loser. Here are just a few smart tips to keep in mind before you sit down at your first Australian online poker game.

Read the Rules

You might be surprised to learn that online poker tables can have entirely different rules than a game in a casino. Some games have a set time limit to make a move once it is your turn. This is in order to keep players at their computer and not running to the fridge for another beer, delaying the game for everyone else. While the intent on the part of the online poker site may be good, it may also significantly reduce the amount of time you have to think about your move. Practice for this environment by making faster moves in the games you play in person with friends. It’s also important to note the layout of the website, the buttons you need to hit to make your move, and the other areas of the site like deposits and withdrawals. All of these can be new concepts to someone who hasn’t played online before.

Australian Online Poker

Start Small

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your Australian online poker fortune. As you adjust to the new whims of playing online, start at a low limit table with small bets. You don’t want to go swimming with the big sharks until you know what you’re doing. Once you get your feet wet, then you can consider moving up to a bigger table or playing more than one hand at a time.

Stay Disciplined and Free From Distractions

If you intend to take this online poker Australia opportunity seriously, you’ll want to set up your “work” environment to put you in the right state of mind.

  • Play the game on a computer where you don’t have other games or time wasters installed.
  • Get a small fridge to stock drinks or snacks so you don’t have to leave the room.
  • Turn off your cellphone and shut down your email program.

Then, when you are actually in the middle of the game, stay disciplined. If you have a specific betting strategy, stick to it. Don’t deviate from your game plan just because the guy sitting next to you (in cyberspace) did something dramatic. Play your own game. Don’t log on to play “just for fun” or after a night of drinking. If this online poker gig is a serious money making opportunity for you, treat it as such. You wouldn’t drink heavily at a bar and then go home and immediately reorganize your entire stock portfolio while inebriated, would you? So why would you risk your online poker bankroll when under such a condition?

Patience Is Key

When in doubt, fold. You can always play on for another hand. A common downfall of a lot of new online poker players in Australia is that they get caught up in the faster pace of the games and make rash decisions. Even if you are under a time limit as we described before, make the most of your time, take a deep breath and assess the odds. Never push a button because you just want to get on with it. Whether you fold, call or raise, there should always be a good reason behind every decision that you make.

Read Site Reviews

Each site has different bonuses and options when you join. Take a look at leading sites that offer rankings or reviews for the different Australian poker sites and heed their advice. If you educate yourself properly before you begin online play, there will be no nasty surprises that could jeopardize your bankroll and you will be set up for a long lasting and fruitful online poker career. Good luck and happy gambling!

By Alex