Decades ago, the gambling industry was frowned upon. It was seen as a problem vice that nobody could really enjoy without problems. This myth has been squashed in recent times with gambling organisation regulating online and brick and mortar with an iron fist. The population has been educated on subjects like responsible gambling and highlighting the problems of addiction. In addition to how you should act in a trusted online casino Malaysia, this post will offer three ethical rules you can follow to ensure a great experience for you and other players in casinos.

1) Don’t use foul language or abuse dealers

It’s important in a live setting to conduct yourself with dignity and respect. You lose this if you start mouthing off at casino staff and using bad language. It’s just poor taste and sours the experience for other gamblers.

Imagine if you are there with your partner and trying to have a nice time and the player next to you is cursing every two minutes. It ruins the night, doesn’t it? Swearing and giving dealers grief is a big no-no. You might get yourself thrown out and banned so just don’t do it.

2) Win and lose with grace (don’t gloat)

It’s great when you win in casino but remember, most people around you won’t. Keep your excitement in check and don’t gloat or brag if you are fortunate to win. All the casino games are based on luck after all so there’s really no reason to be arrogant or gloat to other players.

There’s nothing worse when you’re losing than seeing another player acting all cocky and brash. If you act this way you may find yourself with a few haters.

3) Tip the dealers

This is contentious point as it is really up to you but tipping dealers is good casino etiquette. It’s well known that dealers work long hours and unsociable hours for modest pay. The tips they earn make their job worthwhile and more rewarding. Don’t forget they make plenty of sacrifices to cater to punters.

By Alex