You know something? Slots doesn’t get a lot of credit these days. Oh sure, 888 poker has a television following, and everyone pretty much flocks to blackjack because you have a lower house edge. But slots gets tucked away as something too simple to be touched, something that isn’t really all that important. It’s something that tends to get everyone’s attention…but only as an afterthought. If they can’t play poker, they figure that they’ll at least play some slots.

The truth is that you can’t have this attitude. Slots are a great way to win money on the side without stressing yourself out. Now, I know that there are going to be some people that say that poker isn’t stressful. To these people I often wonder how many hands of poker they honestly play. Because in my world, poker is stressful. I want to win. I want to take out the other guy. I want to make sure that they understand that they are going down, and I’m getting all of their chips. And if you don’t have this type of aggressive nature on some level, you’re going to get eaten alive. That’s the real truth of the matter. If you don’t eat, you’re going to get eaten.


But slots isn’t like that. Slots is all about the luck of the next pull. Will you win? Will you lose? There’s really only one way to find out. If you don’t want to go toe to toe with people, you definitely don’t have to. You can just sit back and have a good time without all of that stress and pain. Isn’t that the better way to go, when you really start thinking about it? It makes a lot more sense to look through all of your options rather than just assuming that you’re going to have to be bored. Boredom is the real enemy that we’re fighting, let’s not forget that.

Slots are usually based on comic book characters, interesting movies, and even hobbies that everyone likes. You have plenty of different slots to choose form, and they can all make you real money. As long as you’re putting in real money, you have the chance to receive real money. That’s the way that it works. You might as well try to check out as much as you can about the slots that you’re interested in.

Some people say that they don’t play slots because they don’t want to find themselves bored. You have so many different slots and instant win games that I don’t think you can be bored. Others worry that they don’t qualify for a deposit bonus if all they’re playing is slots. This is a myth that has circulated for a long time. It’s simply not true. You can definitely still make the same type of money — you are just playing a different game. Think about it — doesn’t the casino want to make sure that you’re happy? Don’t they want to see you come back and keep playing? Absolutely. The bonus is designed for you to spend money — they don’t care what game you play when you get there, as long as you’re happy playing it.

The time is right to step into the big world of slots. Don’t push away the magic waiting for you. Why wouldn’t you want to have a great time? Good luck!

By Alex