There’s something about playing the slots that gets us every time. Sure, we know that there are a lot of different ways to spend your money online, but why not take a little risk? Why not walk on the wild side? Why not flirt with danger a little bit? Sure, you could go overboard and end up doing nothing but gambling your money away.

But despite what the media says, there really aren’t a lot of players that stoop to that level at all. There are plenty of players that play responsibly and still lead productive lives. So don’t necessarily buy into all of the garbage that you read about gambling online. It is possible to be a responsible gambler.

Playing the Slots
Now then, politics aside, let’s go back to talking about slots. Just about every gambling movie ever made has something about slots in it. It’s a pretty popular game because you can pretty much tune in and drop out. You don’t have to think about strategy with slots. You don’t have to hope that you’re the best player around in order to win money. All you need to do is find slots that you like, and play. There are a few pieces of criteria that we fall back on when we really want a new slot game.

We like to think about the experience that we’re going to have while playing slots online. Since we want to be immersed in color and sound like we’re at a real casino, the important factor here would definitely have to be full color and rich sound. We usually leave the sound turned on just to make sure that everything is flowing as smooth as it should.

What about themes? If you always wanted to see your favorite comic book hero turned into a lot game, you can definitely find that online.

But more than theme, we like to think about how much play we’re going to be able to pull out of the experience. What we mean by that is that we don’t want to blow our whole bankroll in one sitting. So sites that offer free slot play would be good. Even if we don’t win any money, sometimes it’s just nice to pretend. Picking up reward credits for slot play will also be important. Anything that lets us play longer is always good.

Cheap slot pulls would also be the best thing as it means that we get to sit longer and play a lot more than if individual slot pulls would cost us a lot of money.

Everything about slots should be about your comfort, and the experience itself. Yes, you can even meet people while you’re playing slots. Of course, you’re going to be so busy trying to win money that you might not talk much at first. But as you get more known within the casino community while you play, don’t be surprised if you strike up some real friendships. After all, you’ve already identified one common interest…slots!

By Alex